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Organize-n-Simplify It

"The Clutter Busters"
 - A Place for evereything and everything in its place

  • Kitchen - improve appearance & access
  • Living Room - Optimize space with a new, efficient layout 
  • Hobby/Event Rooms - Declutter, organize and improve utilization
  • Home Office - Setting up systems for all necessary documents and papers
  • Garage - Clean, organize, utilize storage space and "make room for the car"
  • Basements - Sort excess storage, organize and clear access 
  • Closets - Clear, optimize space with new layout
  • Wall Hangings - Arrange and improve visibility
  • Right Sizing - Assistance in adjusting possesions to changing lifestyles

  • Repairs - Fixing what has been broken for so long
  • Excess Material Disposal - Sort and remove what is no longer usable



Workplace organizations improve efficiency, 

eliminate wasted activities and motions 

Utilizing the "5S Concept" 


  • Supplies Organization - Easy access, inventory control, visual
  • Tool Storage - Organized, handy to use location 
  • Identification of Waste - Operations analysis 
  • Space Optimization - Improving layout
  • Work Flow Analysis/Optimization - Manufacturing areas and offices
  • Project Management - Indentify tasks, stay on time and budget
  • Yard and Garage Sales - Assist in eliminating excess items 


Our  professional services are designed to help you become more productive, save money and time.  We will work with you to get what you need to the right locations  in your home and business, easy to find at your finger tips and maintain it that way.


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